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Why your venue should offer team building services

With a growing demand for activities and team building events, it's time to consider the benefits of offering these services in-house.

How to use your venue for team building opportunities

In the past decade, venues across the UK have been realizing their potential for events. Make the most of your venue with team building activities.

Using Wildgoose services to drive revenue and retention

Discover how to maximize your event capabilities with our brand new Wildgoose team building technology.

Three things to consider when planning your next away day

Effective team building is a key way to improve health and wellness at work. Make sure your next away day is delivering what it needs to.

How technology can support smaller events

By utilising the right technology, both companies and venues can minimise the costs and stress associated with hosting events.

Why it's time to embrace active team building

It’s official. Office work might be keeping our brains engaged, but it’s slowly killing our fitness levels.